Alfa TV expands studio capabilities

Alfa TV is a Finnish commercial broadcaster, based in Kerava to the north of the capital, Helsinki, is mainly owned by IRR-TV, christian media ministry and has been on air since 2013. Alfa TV offers a broad range of programming, including daily live discussion programs. The channel is funded by advertising and reaches over a million viewers weekly in Finland. More recently, Alfa TV is working on launching its own news service.

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What I enjoy most about nxtedition is the integration of all the systems into one interface from where you can get all the work done. It’s simple yet powerful. Using the Display account for example makes it easy to share the rundown or timer for the makeup room so they know how much time they have until the next quest has to be ready for the LIVE.
Alexander Store, TV director and technician

Alfa TV uses a total of four studios for programme origination, including two in a new building. This centre was opened in 2019, and provides production facilities for a broad range of content including music and dance as well as talk shows. It has also hosted national events like the annual Miss Suomi pageant.

The first studio operated from the start with production automation and asset management from nxtedition.

The second gallery, planned from the outset, was commissioned in 2021 and equipped with nxtedition technology, primarily to serve a news offering.

Installation and systems integration continued despite the covid pandemic, which limited access to both technical staff and journalists.

The nxtedition platform was originally suggested to Alfa TV by systems integrator TV-Tools in 2019, as offering all the

power required for the channel’s requirements, in a package which was cost-effective and – most important – intuitive to use. It also provides the capabilities to expand in the future, such as this latest addition of the second gallery.

Alfa TV sees social media as a vital route to engage with its audience. One of the strengths of the nxtedition platform is the speed with which video clips can be delivered to social media: simply define in and out points and click on publish. This ensures social media is updated very quickly with interesting and relevant material from Alfa’s output.

The system’s capabilities and workflows were defined by a working party within Alfa TV, including operators and creative staff from directors to journalists. They built on the ease of use of
the system to set operator-friendly user interfaces and working practices. The ultimate goal, according to Alfa TV, is to make it easier for more staff to make great content.

“Alfa TV has implemented a full deployment of our platform, and use it really effectively. The studios are very productive, delivering a lot of content with short turnrounds, live outputs, and the ability to service external clients as well as in-house productions, some of which are very large scale. Nxtedition has proved itself as reliable and easy to understand, and we are delighted that Alfa TV came back to us when they needed to activate a second studio.”

Ola Malmgren, CEO, nxtedition