Blick TV re-invents television for the internet

Blick is an independent tabloid newspaper, located in Switzerland, with a strong reputation for breaking news stories across politics, economics and world affairs, as well as lifestyle and sports. In February 2020 it launched Blick TV, the first digital television service in Switzerland

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A man and woman in the Blick TV studio
I was very impressed with the flexibility of nxtedition – it was very easy to tailor to our specific workflows. Working with minimal technical staff, every bit of automation counts, reducing the sources of human error during fast and complex live shows. nxtedition helps us with its many clever and well-designed features.”
Beat Vontobel, Head of Technology, Blick TV.

Blick TV is part of Ringier AG, an international Swiss media group. Blick TV was established in the newsroom of Ringer Pressehaus in Zurich. As a start-up, it had no legacy in traditional linear television: it launched to bring a fresh approach to news, as a live video stream and as video on demand, to the web and to an app.

As a greenfield broadcast site, Blick TV was free to create not just its output but also its technology platform. It has built a dynamic programme of up to 16 hours a day with dozens of repeating segments and continual updates, so a new story can be on air within minutes. “We are the first to be live if something happens,” according to editor-in-chief of the Blick group, Christian Dorer.

nxtedition provides Blick TV with the perfect platform for content creation and management. In a single software environment, it provides all the journalistic planning tools, story scripting, media management, rundown creation, studio automation, graphics, ingest and final channel playout.

Because it is designed for virtualisation in the cloud and access through web services, it is perfect for remote production and management. Journalists can enter, modify and complete story packages from anywhere, and editors can work remotely to ensure social distancing. Because the software is completely intuitive – journalist training is a mere two hours – users can give their total attention to the storytelling.

Blick TV was in the fortunate position of being able to set up a broadcast newsroom from scratch. Their installation shows what a coherent, integrated, software-defined platform can really achieve in simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Huge improvements in productivity mean that savings in operational cost continue.

Ola Malmgren, CEO, nxtedition