Denmarks’ TV2 Østjylland & TV2 Nord switch to nxtedition

Monday, 4 February 2019

A control room with nxtedition

nxtedition is proud to welcome both TV2 Østjylland & TV2 Nord into the nxtedition family. Both regional broadcasters were facing the same challenges all broadcasters currently face – how to produce more content, in less time, at a consistent quality & for less money?

Located in the Jutland region of northern Denmark, both broadcasters produce live regional news broadcasts each day as well as maintaining an active news website & lively social media engagement for the population of their regions.

Both stations needed to choose a harmonised & a future-proof system that would significantly enhance their workflow & productivity across the entire organisation.

The ambition was to create a more ‘story-centric’ operation built around journalists & the stories that they wanted to tell. It’s difficult to achieve this in the current broadcast marketplace due to the complexity & costs of combining complex systems from multiple manufacturers in a workflow.

nxtedition is designed so that everyone can do everything in the system, within a single user interface & in an extremely intuitive way. Through the use of virtualisation technologies, nxtedition consolidates many systems that would ordinarily be separate ‘boxes’ into a single localised-cloud solution. This approach removes the traditional workflow complexity, reduces engineering and, in TV2 Østjyllands case, nxtedition reduced the number of servers in their racks by 75%.

This approach also reduced the load on internal support services as they no longer had to support older more complex legacy systems.

After the installation on-premise, it took a week to train TV2 Østjyllands staff. Each had between 2-3 days training before the station switched to 100% nxtedition & went on-air. So the time it takes to understand and implement nxtedition is very short indeed.

TV2 Østjylland & TV2 Nord have installed a system that now encompasses:

  • The organisation of the newsroom through the use of our live & dynamic ‘storyboard’ feature.
  • Tools for journalists to collaborate & research stories.
  • Creation of scripts with real-time collaboration across desks.
  • Management of media, graphics & printing.
  • Subtitling for both live playout & social media publishing.
  • Harvesting of final edits through watch folders automatically into nxtedition.
  • Creation & organisation of rundowns.
  • Broadcast automation including A/B video playout, graphics, videowall control, switcher & audio desk control, shot box and prompter.
  • 8 channels of 48 hours cyclical ingest recording.
  • Web publishing of stories & video direct to Drupal from nxtedition.
  • Social media harvesting & publishing, including comments, on Facebook and Youtube.
  • Automatic live streaming triggered to Youtube & Facebook at the start of broadcasts.

The nxtedition team hit the clients’ deadline date exactly & TV2 Østjylland went successfully on-air with nxtedition in mid-January 2019. TV2 Nord is due to follow at the end of March 2019 with installation already in-progress on-site.

TV2 Østjylland & TV2 Nord are both proud and very competent broadcasters & now they can add the most technologically advanced workflow to their long list of achievements. It takes insight and determination to act decisively on future challenges and to remain a competitive and a valid source of content. nxtedition will help both stations advance into the future, adapting and responding to changes in taste and behaviour from their audience with a 21st-century solution.

nxtedition is truly a system fit for the challenges of the 21st century.