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Expressen transforms its storytelling in a pandemic

Expressen is a leading evening newspaper in Sweden, founded in Stockholm in 1944 with the goal of incisive, investigative journalism. In 2005 it expanded into television, and relaunched its video operations in 2015 with a focus on breaking news. It is now a major source of trusted news in Sweden.

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Woman operating a nxtedition shotbox at Expressen TV
nxtedition understood our requirements, gave us what we need now and in the future, and made the transition seamless, even in the middle of a pandemic. The design and structure of nxtedition makes complex and time-consuming processes and workflows much simpler and intuitive, allowing our creative teams to focus on creating the best content.
Robin Jansson, Head of Technology, Expressen TV

The Expressen TV team’s experience meant they knew exactly what they needed. The priority was to be fast and first with breaking news, delivering accurate, informative and engaging stories. The plan was to go on air at the beginning of June 2020. Expressen TV and nxtedition had no intention of allowing the covid-19 pandemic to delay anything. The system is sufficiently simple that Expressen could install it themselves. The remote access built in to nxtedition allowed engineers, working from home, to configure, update and commission the system.

Because it is so intuitive, training is quick, so the whole team was brought up to speed using Google Hangouts, with the trainer logging into the Expressen system via a VPN. Journalists, editors, producers and engineers rapidly became familiar with operation and support, allowing a phased cutover to nxtedition, to meet the original deadline. The team now have the freedom to find creative new ways to tell the stories that matter to Sweden.

Expressen TV has none of the baggage of traditional broadcasters, so readily understood our future-facing technology. They have seized on its storytelling capabilities, rapidly creating engaging content across multiple platforms, free from technical limitations.

Ola Malmgren, CEO, nxtedition