Expressen TV – fast and first with nxtedition

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Two women talking outside the control room at Expressen TV

The Swedish Newspaper Expressen, based in Stockholm, switch their entire broadcast system to nxtedition – the ultimate storytelling solution.

Expressen runs three channels 24/7: Expressen TV – news and breaking news, DiTV – a financial news channel and Sport Expressen TV – Sports news channel. These channels are broadcasted not just on TV, but also online and mobile.

Expressen has been making TV since 2005, with a re-launch in 2015 with a focus on breaking news and has become a seasoned player in the broadcast market for newspapers in Sweden. Their experience in the broadcasting arena over the years has made them aware of what they want, and need, from a storytelling solution in order to be “fast and first” with breaking news on-air and to devices.  

“We needed a modern and reliable storytelling tool to allow us to be more creative and flexible to make sure that we can focus on what’s most important for us – which is to present breaking news to our viewers, and avoid struggling with complex broadcast systems so we can present the stories in a fast and reliable way,”

Robin Jansson, Head of Technology of Expressen TV.

Expressen chose nxtedition because of its simplicity to learn, operate and scale. The unique storytelling and collaboration aspects overshadowed any other technical and over-engineered solutions.

nxtedition provides all the journalistic planning tools, story scripting NRCS, media management, rundown creation, studio automation, graphics, ingest with metadata, website clip publishing and final channel playout all from within a single nxtedition system.

Rather than using a mix of different software from multiple vendors, the entire team of 50 collaborate within nxtedition’s single unified system from story concept right through to production delivery. The efficiency and productivity gains in creating live and pre-recorded content in nxtedition gives an unprecedented speed advantage for breaking news to viewers over their competitors.

“nxtedition and Expressen TV is a perfect fit. Expressen is a modern organisation who realised that in order to be competitive and to always improve the experience for their audience they needed to adapt to new technologies fit for the 21st century”.

Ola Malmgren, CEO of nxtedition.

About nxtedition:

Founded in 2012, nxtedition has revolutionised video production as one of the world’s most creative software companies in the broadcasting industry. nxtedition was one of the first to approach the simplification of the broadcast process by virtualising microservices to replace complex, expensive legacy systems.

The existing paradigm of different ‘appliance’ based products from multiple manufacturers creates layers of complexity which are expensive to purchase, difficult to maintain, hard to integrate and need specialist staff to operate.

It was due to the frustrations of these inefficient workflows that nxtedition was born, taking a rather unconventional route which utilises the latest in web technologies and re-purposes them within a broadcast environment. nxtedition virtualises these ‘appliance’ products (prompters, newsroom control systems, automation, media asset management, transcoding, video playback/record, graphics systems, etc.) and creates microservices to provide virtual instances of these ‘appliances’.

The core ethos of nxtedition is to plan, write, edit, playout and archive productions within a single consolidated system where the focus is purely on storytelling and not the underlying technology.

nxtedition Media Contact:

Roger Persson

Head of Sales & Marketing