Get From Studio to Social & Web in 3 Clicks – nxt|vlog episode 02

Roger PerssonBroadcast, Latest News, Video Blogg, Videos

The attention of audiences on social media is fleeting at best, you need to be fast posting your content as soon as it’s available.

Adam & Roger will demonstrate how nxtedition is integrated with leading social media platforms and how to get from studio to online in 3 clicks.

The ingest channels provide a fast route for publishing any video recorded in nxtedition directly to social media or web using just three mouse clicks, complete with tags and subtitles.

In live environments, nxtedition also supports streaming live and it’s also possible to subclip the ingest channels and post to social media extremely close to live. Once published nxtedition stores the ‘SO-ME’ publish as an asset so it can be updated or unpublished directly.

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