Greenlandic Election – How did KNR & nxtedition build the HTML5/CSS Graphics?

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Broadcasters the world over aim for the same coverage of national elections: political pundits discussing the results as they emerge, with a heavy reliance on graphics to make the progress clear. That takes a lot of resources.

So how can a country like Greenland – with its tiny population spread over a vast land – deliver the same service? The answer lies in KNR’s nxtedition production-oriented automation system.

As this discussion shows, the standard features in nxtedition allowed KNR to regularly poll the official API feed of votes as they are counted, and to convert that and other data into visual form, in dynamic graphics based on HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Even better, using those graphics was so simple that the programme’s host could control the graphics using nxtedition Shotbox, live on air.