KNR chooses nxtedition to power public broadcasting in Greenland

Friday, 15 September 2017

Nuuk, Greenland

nxtedition is thrilled to announce that KNR (Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa), the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation has chosen to install nxteditions’ end-to-end system as their broadcast solution.

KNR is the national broadcasting corporation of Greenland and was founded in 1958 as a radio station providing information primarily in Greenlandic. In 1982 they began broadcasting television services to the people of Greenland and followed up with web publishing in 1996.

KNR has been searching the international marketplace to find a futureproof workflow for streamlining all of their broadcast, web and social media production needs.

The challenges they, and many other broadcasters, face today are:

  • Complex, expensive and ineffective workflows that aren’t story centric.
  • A requirement to produce much more content, at higher quality, with shorter lead times and for a more competitive price point.
  • An excessive focus on technical solutions rather than on content creation.
  • Publishing content to social media in a rapid and less complex way.
  • To keep up and adapt to changing media consumption patterns.

nxtedition solves all of these challenges with a groundbreaking approach that encompasses pre-production, ingest, media management, script writing, graphics, prompting, live studio automation and social media management. All of which are gracefully controlled from within a single user interface.

By embracing an innovative and disruptive approach, nxtedition has developed a solution built on bleeding edge web technologies and infused with our seasoned teams understanding of the professional broadcast industry.

“It’s now necessary to meet the changing needs of our audience. Our content and technology must meet their requirements. For years, KNR has been working with outdated technical equipment which has, in many ways, held back our users. With this new system, we can now put more focus on the content and put less effort in making the technology go hand in hand”

Karl-Henrik Simonsen, CEO of KNR

“Broadcast products, for many years, has become increasingly expensive, complex and lost focus on their main role, namely “storytelling”. It’s not unreasonable to say that the industry should have technical solutions and workflows that support it, instead of layers and layers of technical complexity and obsolete slow workflows.”

Ola Malmgren, Co-Founder of nxtedition

nxtedition is not only based on a story centric workflow, it also establishes the user at the very centre of the story. A user, according to us, can and should be empowered with the tools for greater productivity. We solve this paradigm with a single, contemporary, state-of-the-art, user friendly interface.

We look forward to assisting KNRs’ future development of terrestrial broadcast and digital channels. nxtedition plans to add innovative new features to match KNRs’ future strategies going forwards. To find out more about KNR you can visit their website at and to discover more about nxtedition please visit or you can book an online demo here.