nxtedition Open Their Broadcast Demonstration Facility

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We have now completed our brand new broadcast demonstration facility in Malmö, Sweden. It allows us to demonstrate nxtedition either on-site or over the internet remotely, whichever suits your needs best. The facility allows us to demonstrate the power of our 21st century true end-to-end solution for broadcasters, publishers and corporates. As part of the demonstration you will see how … Read More

Video Is The New Black…

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video is the new black

During conversation yesterday, a good friend spoke of witnessing his 10 year old son communicating with friends by recording short video messages. His messages were in the same character as traditional SMS texts with the obvious difference being that it was sound and moving images. When my friend asked him “why not just text?” his son responded “texting is boring and old fashioned. “ The ancient motivator … Read More

Will TV Networks soon feel the ”Newspapers Pain”?

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Traditional linear TV seems to have had its peak and it’s quickly losing market share to competition from on-demand video services online. The biggest reason for this decline seems to be convenience – Anytime – Anywhere – Any device. Money follow eyeballs. Generation Z and millennial’s are the first to respond and adapt to new technologies, while the median viewer … Read More

Vloggers-redefining the media landscape

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By simply turning the camera on themselves, vloggers (video bloggers) have billions of people watching them all over the world and they’re showing two fingers to the traditional media establishment. Telling stories about our lives is a basic human instinct as is the need to relate to other people, something we have done since we sat around the camp fire … Read More