nxtedition Open Their Broadcast Demonstration Facility

Monday, 10 April 2017

Adam demoing nxtedition

We have now completed our brand new broadcast demonstration facility in Malmö, Sweden. It allows us to demonstrate nxtedition either on-site or over the internet remotely, whichever suits your needs best.

The facility allows us to demonstrate the power of our 21st century true end-to-end solution for broadcasters, publishers and corporates. As part of the demonstration you will see how we put your story at the very centre of the system from acquisition of footage through to delivery on mainstream channels as well as social media. You will also see how our single integrated approach brings together all the elements needed to produce high quality video output, such as:

  • Cameras
  • VT playback
  • Graphics
  • Lighting
  • Robotics
  • Audio
  • Media management
  • Scripting
  • Prompter
  • Live ingest
  • Mdeia Sync
  • Social Media Harvest & Publish
  • Live Streaming

If you’d like to see our ground breaking software in action please either call Roger Persson on +46 704 699 000 or email Roger on roger.persson@nxtedition.com and we’d be happy to arrange a date and time for you.

About nxtedition…

In 2013, we began coding nxtedition with a vision to change the complex technical set-up and obsolete workflows within the media industry. We solve this challenges by taking care of the entire workflow (a true end-to-end solution) and the implementation of smart and modern technical solutions through Web technologies, all presented inside a single, intuitive user interface with a story-centric mindset.

The effect of using nxtedition is reduced production costs whilst allowing you to produce more content, in less time at a higher quality and distribute it all to any type of delivery platform, from live broadcast to apps & social media. All performed at lightning speed at simply the touch of a button.

We’re an innovative startup company with a modern product that is adapted for today’s challenges in the media industry. We have, until now, focused on Video, Scripting, Social Media, Ingest, Play-out and MAM but nxtedition can also become a fully fledged Web CMS as well.

nxtedition is a contemporary 21st century story-centric software solution, without the legacy and connectivity issues of established media software brands.