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Public broadcasting in Greenland powered by nxtedition

Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa (KNR) is the state-owned national broadcaster in Greenland. Broadcasting largely in Kalaallisut, the Greenland native language, it has two television channels: KNR1 which broadcasts 24 hours a day, and KNR2 which is a pop-up channel for live events. KNR creates 800 hours of television and 6000 hours of radio each year.

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Man in nxtedition control room with audience
We needed to meet the changing needs of our audience. For years, KNR had been working with outdated technical equipment which held back our users. With nxtedition, we can now put more focus on the content and less effort into making the technology deliver.
Karl-Henrick Simonsen, CEO, KNR

Serving a population of little more than 56,000, KNR has to achieve a great deal with a very limited budget and staff. The pressure was on to produce more content, at higher quality, with shorter lead times. KNR also had to deliver content to online services and catch-up as well as engage audiences through social media.

The goal was to simplify the technology platform, allowing more attention to be focused on serving the Greenland audience through excellent story-telling. By moving from a traditional, multi-vendor architecture to a unified, software-defined environment, staff would be released immediately to create content, and the future would be secure through developments in cloud and web technology.

nxtedition solved this challenge. Its ground-breaking approach brings together both television and radio pre-production, ingest, media management, script writing and editing, graphics, prompting, live studio automation and social media.

All are controlled from within a single, intuitive user interface, which is designed to be completely intuitive to use. Comprehensive training for a journalist is just two hours: a super-user can learn everything about nxtedition in just 24 hours.

This innovative and disruptive approach from nxtedition draws on the latest in technologies and software development techniques
to reinvent the broadcast environment. It’s also allowed KNR to gather their radio and TV journalists into a single pool, easily sharing the same raw content and material within nxtedition to publish and broadcast across radio, tv, web and social media.

By establishing story-telling as the principle aim of the process, it establishes the user at the very centre of the story, using the toolkit that nxtedition provides for greater productivity and creativity.

When we founded nxtedition, we brought together very experienced broadcasters with advanced thinkers in software and IT. Our goal was to create a solution which was smart, innovative, productive and future resistant; one which would become transparent to the story-tellers, wherever they are working. Our installation at KNR demonstrates clearly how we can transform a broadcaster, making it more creative and also more efficient.

Ola Malmgren, CEO, nxtedition