The news studio of the future, nxtedition helps bridge the gap to the future.

Monday, 5 September 2022

This year’s IBC Accelerator programme will feature an exciting project titled ‘News Studio of the Future,’ championed by broadcasters such as TV2 Denmark, Production Park, Warner Bros. Discovery and BBC News, and vendors including Reuters, nxtedition, Singular.Live, and White Light. The project offers a look at what the next generation news studio could looks like and how will it combine all the latest greatest technologies into an efficient, harmonious workflow. 

We now have more exciting new technology innovations aimed at news production than ever before, making this exciting accelerator project an incredible opportunity for nxtedition and its partners to explore and help define a futureproof concept for news studios. 

For our part, nxtedition has taken a ‘microservices for physical kit’ approach, streamlining and consolidating many elements within a news studio gallery into a single user interface. This approach facilitates the planning, versioning and writing of the stories, as well as the automation of the news studio and the output to the viewers.  

nxtedition has looked carefully at how the viewer experiences the story and what their interface to that story looks like. Today’s audience no longer just watches a 16:9 feed on a television; the story can arrive via a multitude of providers and on a range of devices. To facilitate both content creation and delivery to those viewers, an elastic and agile foundation is required. This is the role that we fulfil in creating the news studio of the future. 

One of the innovative features developed for this project is the capability to stream the live output in 9:16 and 16:9 aspect ratios simultaneously, complete with responsive graphic templates from our partner Singular Live. The Singular.Live template is overlaid on their device directly in the browser, which enables the stream to seamlessly transition from 16:9 to 9:16 on device without stopping to buffer.  

This project is made up of many great innovations – and nxtedition is proud to play a part. It’s been a fascinating experience for our team to talk to, and partner with, public service broadcasters and other vendors as we collectively future-gaze and demonstrate how we think the future news studio will evolve. 

The IBC Accelerator programme was created in 2019 to help the media and entertainment industry tackle new challenges in an agile and collaborative manner.  The concept hinges on bringing together industry end users and buyers of media and entertainment technology, products and services to collaborate on a four-to six-month projects, with final POC results revealed at the show. 

In the words of Mark Smith, Innovation Lead and Advisor to IBC: “The launch of the 2022 Accelerator cycle follows the tremendous success of last year’s programme. The industry faced massive challenges in 2021, but the programme still produced the successful, collaborative development of eight remarkable projects, which culminated in virtual demonstrations at IBC’s digital event in December.”