TV2 Nord focuses on story-telling

TV2 is a public service broadcaster in Denmark, with eight regional services contributing to its national service, particularly for major evening news programmes. Two of the eight regions – TV2 Nord, based in Aabybro, and TV2 Østjylland based in Aarhus – recently collaborated on a tender for news production systems to be installed in their operations, although each system is different to meet their own requirements.

“Our resources are limited, and our aim is to devote as many of our staff as possible towards creating content for the people of North Jutland and beyond to the rest of Denmark. nxtedition gives us a system for planning and delivering a flow channel: it makes it easy to focus on the content of the channel and automates the functionality, which really meets our goals.”
Peter Zanchetta, CTO, TV2 Nord

Each evening at 19.30 TV2 divides into its regions for a local news programme, reflecting closely the interests and views of the people in the region. There is also a late bulletin at 22.20. Today, of course, news from TV2 Nord is also expected online: streamed from the broadcaster’s website and available on Facebook Live, as well as a presence on other social media platforms like Twitter. That is why TV2 Nord set out its requirement for a new production system that it should be story driven: that production of the news stories should be the prime requirement, with those stories automatically purposed for broadcast and online use.

As part of the project, TV2 Nord built a new studio in Aabybro, built on nxtedition technology and designed for highly automated production during the news broadcasts. The new platform controls all the technology in the studio, from the prompters to the robotic cameras and lighting, allowing the main news programmes to be produced with a crew of just one or two.

Most of TV2 Nord’s production staff are directly involved in production, in Aabybro and in three remote offices around northern Jutland. nextedition allows stories to be completed and filed from ENG trucks on the road, and by journalists and editors working from home.

By collaborating on a common system, journalists, editors and producers can focus on telling the story as best they can and getting it out as quickly as possible. Journalists creating stories also create on-screen graphics and material for LED screens in the studio, create tweets to promote stories and feed the Drupal CMS tool, all from the intuitive nxtedition user interface. The result is unprecedented speed in breaking news.

“TV2 was very clear in its requirements for a new way of working to meet new requirements.
At the same time, they needed continuity in the form of connection to legacy equipment, most notably the archive which is so vital to any news broadcaster. Because of the architecture of our solution, we could give them all the functionality they needed, in a system that is simple and intuitive as well as very fast and reliable.”

Ola Malmgren, CEO, nxtedition