TV2 Østjylland delivers to broadcast, online and social media

“We set out to change the mindset of the user and the way we tell stories. The vision was to have one overall system, one publishing tool, for all current and future platforms, live and on demand. nxtedition delivered all this and much more, with one common interface, handling everything from live ingest to output formatting.”
Peter Warnich Hansen, Project Manager, TV2 Østjylland

Since the founding of TV2, local news has been a central focus, with a half-hour programme at 19.30 and a late-night bulletin at 22.20. TV2 Østjylland is based in Denmark’s second city and serves a region of 750,000 potential viewers. Today linear television is no longer most important, but just one of several outputs. TV2 Østjylland now operates the concept of “digital first”.

To meet this goal, they had to change their approach to creating content, moving away from the conventions of the evening bulletin and putting all their focus on the story. This is a perfect match for the nxtedition approach, which is designed for the story-teller, whether that is the journalist covering a particular story or an editor building a programme.

This story-centric approach from start to finish means that, when a decision is made to investigate a story, the team create elements of content without knowing at first to which platforms it will go. It could be a finished edit for the 19.30 broadcast, or Facebook Live and promoted on Twitter, or video on demand on TV2’s website – or all of them. Decisions are made when the time is right, with nxtedition automating all the consequences in terms of formats and requirements.

The other key requirement was that the system should be accessible anywhere, so the story can be built in the newsroom but also on the road, in a coffee shop, or in the journalist’s home. The script – descriptive text and metadata, words for the anchor, production cues, data for graphics templates and more – is built as the information becomes available, dynamically from story initiation to final delivery and archiving.

“The regional services of TV2 were created to give the Danish people local news and a strong sense of identity. Thanks to nxtedition, TV2 Nord and TV2 Østjylland can create attractive, attention-grabbing broadcasts and online services with a minimum of staff, focusing all their attention on the content not the technology.”

Ola Malmgren, CEO, nxtedition