How can you create an ‘Auto-Replay’ during remote production of sport?

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In this video Adam demonstrates how you can create an automatic 3 clip replay by only pushing one ‘Auto Replay’ button. This is an excellent example of how the existing tools within nxtedition can be re-purposed easily to different requirements. By adapting the ‘Salami Slicing’ clipping function it was a small step to get to this automated replay functionality. It’s … Read More

hBID 2020 –Total Remote Production with nxtedition

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In this session we will introduce nxtedition. nxtedition will demonstrate true innovation and challenge the perception of total remote production in a presentation that will leave you questioning everything you think you know. Installing and running any type of live production remotely requires agility, flexibility and speed – but also accuracy and easy of use. Not an easy combination. nxtedition’s … Read More

nxtedition on Kitplus TV

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On the show today we have with us Adam Leah and Roger Persson from nxtedition who has been in the news recently with Broadcast Solutions and the live stream from Wimbledon FC which was produced entirely remotely. We chat about this and remote production, asking if you can now actually replace an OB truck plus their use of the private … Read More

nxteditions Integration with Reuters Connect

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By simply using the Reuters Metadata file that comes with the video, Adam creates a news story, clips and subtitles the VT and then plays it live to air through the automation. This allows users to be fast, first and accurate with a news story straight off the Reuters newswire to be the first notification on the phone.

Fast Feature – Live Contribution Streams

Adam Leah

Adam teams up with Malcolm Robinson from Broadcast Solutions UK to demonstrate live contribution feeds. You can see how it’s possible to remotely produce a mobile phone in Sweden, an RTMP stream from New York via Reuters Connect and a Mobile Viewpoint system from Malcolms home in the UK into a live show with remarkably little effort.