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Take control of your workflow

nxtedition has been specifically designed to put the story right at the centre of everything our users do. We provide the tools required to move through the planning and writing of a story, content acquisition, media management, live on-air broadcast automation, channel playout and publishing to VOD, web and social media.

A screenshot of the Agenda View in nxtedition.
On-Air Scheduling

Use the Agenda View to get a searchable overview of your show’s on-air dates, deadlines for stories, scripts, social post or content.

Organize News

With storyboards you can plan and structure all the work needed for your stories.

A screenshot showing a search for deadlines assigned to Adam Leah in nxtedition.
Assignments & Deadlines

Planning is a core part of nxtedition. Assign anything to anyone.

Robin JanssonCTO, Expressen TV
The design and structure of nxtedition makes complex and time-consuming processes and workflows much simpler and intuitive, allowing our creative teams to focus on creating the best content.


Say goodbye to NRCS spreadsheets

Scripts are at the heart of nxtedition, where writers are free to express their creativity without complex technical boundaries.

A screenshot of a script written in nxtedition
Built for journalists

Write content like you're used to and let nxtedition take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Add content with ease

Add media, cameras, graphics, robotic moves, or anything else with the click of a button.

History & Revisions

Never worry about losing anything. In nxtedition you can easily view and revert to all revisions ever made.

Broadcast Automation

Live production as it should be

At the press of a button, nxtedition can run your entire show. It can trigger media files, graphics, videos, camera switching, lighting, audio mixes, robotic moves, video walls, or anything else you might want. Automatically, or manually, if you prefer that.

A screenshot of a rundown in nxtedition
A Rundown you'll enjoy using

Simply drag your stories into the rundown and have nxtedition control the show for you. With Salami Slicing, nxtedition will even clip the show live and publish it to social or wherever you want — even before the show has ended.

A screenshot of nxtedtion's shotbox
Accompanied by the Shotbox

Some things you want to punch on yourself, and for that you can use our touch based shotbox.

A search in nxtedition for media tagged with 24 hour, and with a duration between 0 and 30 minutes
Truly automated with Playout Rotation

Not only can nxtedition control a show for you. With rotation, it can even create the rundowns for you using advanced searches and schedules — perfect for your 24 hours channels.


Watch our live linear playout channel

At nxtedition we broadcast a live flow channel to YouTube. It's powered entirely by nxtedition with HTML5 graphics supplied by our partner Singular.live which are overlaid in our playout machine. This is a case of us walking the walk by broadcasting in the same way many of our clients do. Keep an eye out as we occasionally drop into a live show from time to time.